Full Moon Festival - Sunday, November 21st

The Common Place will be hosting it's anual fundraiser this November the 21.st This year we are teaming up with Radient Hen, an independent publishing company out of Orleans, to host events throughout the day.

Most of the events will take place at Stardust with a viewing of the illustrators work at the Art House. There will be music, book readings, a silent auction and, of course, our monthly Full Moon Feast (a potluck open to all and hosted at Stardust).

Ned Houston and Friends kick off the event.
The music was a great background for starting up the auction.
Illustrators Jacob Grant and Amber Alexander at The Art House.
Amber talking about her artwork at the opening.
Ginnie Treadwell talking with visitors about her photography.
Tanya Sousa reads Ninny Nu's Orgaic Farm at Stardust.
Ginnie gives a reading of her book.
Ray Perkins reads Mystery of the Silver Statue.
Julia Shipley reads from Wendell Berry's book The Mad Farmer.
Barbara Morrow reads Searching for Hannerester.
Proud door-prize winner!
And the whole event was followed up with our monthly potluck.

8:30am -- Special early hours
Stardust Books and Cafe and The Art House. Join us for coffee and peruse and bid on the silent auction items.

12:00-1:30pm -- Music by Ned Houston
Join us for some energetic folk music at Stardust. Children welcome, as always!

1:30-2:15pm -- Children's Reading & Poetry Lynda Graham-Barber reads from her book The Animals’ Winter Sleep, followed by Julia Shipley, Craftsbury resident and author, who will read a selection of poems from Wendall Berry’s The Mad Farmer and her own Herd.

2:15pm -- Silent Auction Continues Come bid on all our graciously donated items - artisan crafts, local services, area restaurants, bed and breakfast stays, events and more. All proceeds from this silent auction benefit The Common Place.

2:30-4pm -- Original Artwork by Radiant Hen Illustrators A special exhibit of original illustrations from Radiant Hen books opens with a few words from artists Amber Alexander (Ninny Nu’s Organic Farm), Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner Jacob Grant (Searching for Hannerester), and Ginni Pattee Treadwell (Bill & Andy). Other illustrators represented will be Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner Katie Flindall (Life is a Bowl of Cherry Pitts), and Monique Bonneau (Fairy Feast). Founder of Radiant Hen Publishing and author Tanya Sousa will also speak.

4-5pm -- Award Winning Books Read by Radiant Hen Authors Radiant Hen is a publishing house dedicated to sustainable agriculture, ecology and vermont people and places. Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner Tanya Sousa welcomes and introduces the authors. Barb Morrow will read from Help for Mr. Peal and Edwards Portrait. Ray Perkins will read from his own The Mystery of the Silver Statue, and Jenny Treadwell reads from her own unreleased Billy & Andy.

5:30pm -- Silent Auction Closes and Winners Are Announced

6:15-8pm -- Full Moon Feast (Potluck) Join us in our monthly Full Moon Feast Potluck and help celebrate our approaching anniversary and in thanking our many generous volunteers.

Thank you all so much for comming. We had fun all day long. In case you didn't get to stay until the end, here is a list of the items won. If you haven't picked yours up already come on into Stardust and do so now! Items not picked up by the 28th will be offered to the next highest bidder.

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List of auction items